Bored Franklin Blast Club
Bored Franklin Blast Club

Bored Franklin Blast Club


NFT collection tribute to a legendary degen in the NFT world. 🌐

More than 250 unique traits, there's no RoadMap here. It's only funny art.

Every 7 days after the initial launch, the total supply of the product will decrease by 500 units. This reduction process will continue until the total supply reaches a minimum limit of 4,000 units.

All holders will receive the Moskv (MKV) token every seven days 📅. The more you hold, the more you will receive 📈. You can use these tokens to give tips on LENS and FARCASTER platforms 👍. Additionally, the top holders of Moskv (MKV) will be awarded the $00 token through an airdrop 🪂

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